How to open the doors on your self storage unit

Our storage containers are of the highest quality and have secure locking mechanisms – our newest units are being installed with simplere single handle opening, whilst the rest have two handles. these instructions work for both types.


Opening the storage unit doors:

Step 1: Firstly, begin by opening the right-hand door.

Step 2: Swivel the custom catches up – there is one on each handle.

opening your self storage unit doors

Step 3: Each container door will be fitted with two lock rods running from the top to the bottom of the container. At each end is a cam and a keeper. Lift up the door handle on the lock rods and twist slightly to make sure the cams and keepers are disengaged.

the lock rods

lifting the handles

Step 4: Take hold of the inner door handle first and pull out slightly followed by the outer handle then pull them in tandem.

Step 5: repeat with the left-hand door.

Closing the doors:

Step 1: Start with the left-hand door.

Step 2: Engage the cams and keepers.

Step 3: Twist both handles.

Step 4: Finally swivel the custom catches down.

Step 5: Repeat with the right-hand door.


This video shows the steps to open the doors: