5 Reasons why our

container self storage beats the competition

Container self storage offers many benefits over warehouse style storage facilities, with greater convenience, privacy and access, Store Easy is a winner

1. No Queuing

Our sites allow instant access to your container, you don’t have to go to a reception counter and queue up with other customers in office hours. There is no middle-man at Store Easy and no time pressure, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

easy self storage

2. Easy Access

As a result of not having receptionists or barriers to access at Store Easy, you can actually drive your car or van right up to your storage unit. Reverse up to your container and easily unload and pack the container the way you want. You don’t have to put it on a pallet and watch someone take it away or stack it all onto a trolley, drag it to your unit and unload again. You can of course come and go as often and when is most convenient for you.

3. Privacy

No need to load your possessions onto a pallet or cart in front of other people and then push it to your unit. Just drive up and unload. If you are storing valuable items, tools or personal possessions you don’t really want anyone else looking over your shoulder.

store easy preserves your privacy

4. Ultimate Security

YOU are the only key holder, and it is a physical key, not a keypad, so it can’t be hacked or accessed by anyone. No one can nose in your storage container when you’re not there, we don’t even hold a key, so make sure you don’t lose them!

secure self storage

5. Best Value

We’re not charging you for staff at our site or a costly city centre location, so we instead invest in brand new containers, insulating and modified them to be totally safe and secure. Don’t forget that we have a knowledgable and friendly team just a phone call away.

brand new storage containers

With all these benefits it makes sense to choose Store Easy!