Blog 4 Garage De-Clutter

Now I know this area can end up being a dumping ground. If it’s too big to get ignored in the house it ends up being put in the garage to get ignored.
Like every other room in your house, you need to be ruthless and be prepared to throw some things out. Unlike the rooms inside your house, the garage is going to take a bit more time and a lot more patient.
You really need to start this first thing on a day when you have no other plans, this will need to get done in one hit. Start by taking everything out and grouping your belongings into four piles, keep, donate, sell and bin. Remember if it’s not been used in a while get rid of it, there is no point in keeping it for a ‘just in case’. If you are planning on selling something, please do this asap otherwise it will go straight back into the garage.
Once you have sorted through everything, it is now time to get organised. I would really urge you to invest in some shelving. This will give you the perfect space to start getting organised. Like your kitchen cupboards, group your items together. For example, DIY, Sports equipment, gardening. This way you really shouldn’t have to spend 30 minutes looking for your gardening gloves.
If you have big bulky items like lawnmowers, step ladders store at the back of the garage, this will stop the garage becoming ‘bottlenecked’.
Seasonal items like Christmas decorations, store them near to the back of the garage. This will leave the space at the front for your weekly and everyday items in easy reach.
Tools and bikes can make be storage nightmare. Consider buying some racking that can be used to store your bikes and tools on. This will stop your floor space being taking over by wheels and shovels.

Keeping it tidy…I know easier said than done. Here are a few helpful hints.
• Keep the floor space as clear as possible
• Keep it clean and tidy, if you give the floor a sweep on a weekly/fortnightly basis it will be much easier to maintain.
• When you have finished with it, put it away where it belongs.
• Most importantly, make sure the ‘sale pile’ is not still in the garage.

Of course, all this seems possible on paper, however you still might not have enough storage space. If you find this is the case, then I have the perfect solution. Here at Store Easy we have a choice of fully insulated storage containers available to rent. All our containers are air tight and guaranteed rodent free. With drive up access, and 24-hour CCTV your belongings will be well looked after. Pease follow the link below for prices and availability.