Blog 3 De-Clutter Kitchen

With the festive season fast approaching now is a perfect time to finish off decluttering the inside of your house.

To be honest this is my biggest problems, I am one of those people who shove the mixing bowls and saucepans into the bottom cupboard and quickly shut the door and run! So, I know I will be following these simple steps to achieving a less cluttered kitchen (which I know will please my husband, win win all round).


Again, like the wardrobe you really need to be tough with yourself. There is really no need to have a crockery set for ‘best’, let’s make everyday a special day. If your bowl is chipped or your plate is looking dull recycle it. I am sure that there is someone else who would make great use out of it, donate it to your local church or charity shop.

Clear Worktop/Counter Space

There is nothing nicer than when you step back and look at your kitchen and see lovely clean and tidy worktops. If you’re not using the mixer or food processor daily, make space for it in a cupboard. My real bug bear is the toaster, gets used daily and tends to accumulate a lot of crumbs. Try and keep on top of this, brushing away the crumbs after using it. Keep your kitchen counters as empty as possible, this will make cleaning them and maintaining them so much easier. Just keep thinking, if its not being used store it away.


Now here is the big one. The key to a tidy cupboard is getting organised. It’s so easy to throw all the tins in with the flour and crisps, when you are putting the shopping away.

Firstly, start organising your cupboards into sections. Separate tins, baking, cereals, chocolate, crisps etc. Labelled containers and boxes will straightaway tidy the space and help keep you organised.

Dare I say it? There is such a thing as having too much Tupperware. Be ruthless and throw away any miss matching containers that are missing lids or bottoms. Tin foil and clingfilm can be a great alternative to use.

Lastly try to use your cupboard space to the best of its ability. A good designed rack will give you space for your utensils and jars.

With all this decluttering you may need some help with storage? If your feeling sentimental and can’t bear to part with the cracked mixing bowl you inherited or thinking the juicer might make a reappearance when you start the juice diet in time for next summer, store it! Fortunately, here at Store Easy we can help. It’s so simple, follow the link below to see the different sized, fully insulated storage containers we have available.